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Women Custom Made Tweed Blue Fishtail Skirt Suit

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Our custom-made tweed gowns with pearl buttons exemplify elegance. These garments are tailored to suit you exactly and accentuate your inherent attractiveness. Tweed is a warm, comfortable fabric that works well in all seasons. The pearl button design, however, steals the show. The placement of these buttons is deliberate in order to produce a unified and refined appearance. Our custom-made tweed dresses with pearl buttons, whether they're a traditional A-line dress or a sheath dress with a modern twist, are created to leave a lasting impression.

10% off a women's custom-made checked tweed blue fishtail skirt suit

When purchasing a jacket and a skirt or a pair of shorts, an additional discount of more than 10% is offered.

Customer service in the UK
More than 10% off Women's Custom Made Tweed Pink Colour Tassel Fringe Dress Fishtail Skirt Suit - We are happy to provide items in oversized, plus-sized, extra-large, perfect body measure, small, and large sizes as requested by the customer. For you, our tailor will create the ideal Tweed fabric. This is a dress for any season; you may wear it outside, to weddings, ceremonies, events, and other gatherings.
Everything is manufactured to order. Your height, weight, and body dimensions (such as your bust, shoulders, sleeves, waist, and length) should all be provided. Your order will be made by our tailors for you!

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