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Create to Order Multi-Color Check Double Breasts Tweed Jacket + Long / Short Skirt / Trousers Pants Shorts White Suit , Wedding, Formal

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Our specialised local dressmaker or tailor specialises in creating custom-made garments. They might work with you to create and make a tweed top and skirt in the exact colour and style you desire. You can use the internet to seek for a reliable tailor in your area or ask friends and family for recommendations. Women's blouses and skirts in custom sizes are available from a fashion pioneer. Numerous garment aspects can be altered, and a range of fabric options are available. To find merchants who are suitable, we can use search terms like "tailor-made women's clothing" or "custom tweed top and skirt".

When dealing with a salesperson, be careful to give specific information about your preferences, such as the chosen colour, fabric, size, and any unusual design elements.

When conversing with a tailor or using an online platform, be sure to give specific information about your preferences, including the preferred colour, fabric, measurements, and any unique design elements. This will make it more likely that the tweed top and skirt you ordered will meet your standards.

All pieces are custom created by highly skilled tailors. Your height, weight, and body dimensions (such as your bust, shoulders, sleeves, waist, and length) should all be provided. Your order will be made by our tailors for you!

Materials: Tweed cloth